After all this snow, I really do hope Spring comes. I took this image today with the sun shining on the crocuses (yes, a spring plant) The thing I love about this plant is that it is so bright and really does make me think of Spring.Image


Wedding Photography


So on saturday, I have been asked to help photograph “laid back” pictures of the wedding couple and their family. I have never done this kind of thing before, so it will be very interesting to see how everything turns out. I have been scanning to internet for articles about wedding photography and have come across this one. It tells you what to do and gives you tips about how to go about your day.



This is another example of one of my final images from last years folio. Again it shows vivid colour from the berries with water drops hanging from them. I focussed into the back berries, to give the image depth, to make it seem further away from the camera. I also love how the snow is lying on top of the berries, as it displays a beautiful contrast of colours.

A snowy Picture

A snowy Picture

Last year, I was doing Higher Photography in school, I needed to create 12 final images to be sent off to the exam board. My theme for the folio was “Vivid Colours in Nature”. As you can see this image has a lovely crisp green colour from the fur tree with drips of water hanging from it. In the background you can see the dusky red of my shed.

Snow more

The moment I woke up I looked out my window. I hoped yesterdays snow was covered, and new snow had laid. Instead I saw patches of ground with salt and wetness on them. The snow had melted. I really wanted to go sledging, but the weather report said it is going to snow tomorrow too. On the other hand, I just want to to be warm, hurry up spring!